Meeting In NY July 16th 2013 from 16h00
Pier 62 Skateparkmore info
Hudson River Greenway
New York, NY 10011, United States
(212) 627-2020 following day we will be driving  direction Tijuana. we will drop off the van in Sandiego on 28th and fly back to NY.


we will be traveling with minibuses

no hotel we will sponsor you a sleeping bag and we most likely crash at riders place or wild camping

the forecast cost is 130 for the gas and 130 for the bus rental

July 15th Paris,july 16th NY, 17 woordward, 18 roanoke,19 knoxville, 20 chatanooga, birmingham, 21new oleans, 22 houston, 23 austin, 24ciudad juarez , 25phoenix, 26 LA, 27 San diego, 28Tijuana 29th New York 30th Paris

The GiTanKlan Tour founded  in 2010 by Dallas carlin, Lamine Fathy, Jean jean Chanet, Tom alqvist, Julien Lafarge, Vins Isaack, Gauthier Pirret,Dominick Beck, Toto Ghali. So called the GTK First Nine.

In 2010 a group of friend decided to take a road trip From Marseille France  to Belgium, Holland, Germany, Danemark, Austria, Switzerland, total distance of 5000 KM  in two weeks with two van.

Coming back from this trip we realized that we had arround 6000 visit on a very small blog dedicated for the tour, Therfore we decided to expand and realized our dream .

A TV series on our Lifestyles

 2011 "Reunion"  many rollers decided to join the tour a total of  40 riders a mix of 3 different generations the 17 to 25 years old, the 25 to 35 years old and the 35 years old and older.

we drove 7000 KM with several van Starting in France Marseille, spain Moroco Africa, Spain France Switzerland Lausane, with a quiet impressive International guest list.

2012 "Revolution" 6800 KM This time with one bus 40 Rollers travelling together France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France.

For each tour since 2011 we producing 3 episodes of 26 minutes per tour additionaly many small videos clip on daily Basis.

2013 "Dont You Dare"  USA arrival is plan on July 16th in New York at 15h30 rent a bus drive to San Diego CA only 4800 KM.....

GTK 2013
2013 "Dont You Dare" USA arrival is plan on July 16th in New York at 15h30 rent a bus drive to San Diego CA

July 16thNew york
July18 th Pensilvania 
July 19 th Ohio
July 20 th Indiana
July 21 th Illinois
July 22 th Missouri
July 23rd Oklahoma
July 24 th Texas
July 25 th new mexico
July 26th Arizona
July 27th California
July 28th Mexico TJ
We will be happy to have your suggestion witch town to skate???
if not we will find it GTK.

GTK RIDER Since 2010

1 Nicolas Mougin

2 Lawrenzo Copetti

3 Xavier Thedenat du Vent

4 Filipe Duarte

5 Allan Fechine

6 Gauthier Piret

7 Dominik Beck

8 Bjorn Elias

9  Stephan De Freitas

10 Julien Lafarge

11 Toto Ghali

12 Mihai Bivol

13 Salim Sikha

14 Samo Bajec

15 Jeremy Suarez

16 Mike Bonassi

17 Orphée Quentin Rémy

18 Julien Cudot

19 Jeremy Kessler

20 Gregory Defreyne

21 Jean Jean Chanet

22 Lamine Fathi

23 Antony Pottier

24 Issame Tolba

25 Dallas Carlin

26 Blake Bird

27 Jimmy Raisin

28 Audige Sebastien

29 Tankred

30 Matteo Attanasio

31 Wolfgang Cemoi

32 Jon Matter

33 Remy Meister

34 Joel Barrere

35 Eito Yasutoko

36 Anthony Avella

38 Kevin quintin

39 Jimmy Dubost

40 Nordine Assoumani

41 Vins Isaack

42 Ayoub El Garib

43 Dominick Beck

44 Baschno Rose

45 Jeremy Kesler

46 Jimmy Avella

47 Stephane Alfano

48 Antony Finnociaro

49 Romain Godenaire

50 Dany Mollinari

51 Diego Guilloud

52 Bruno Loewe

53 Joey Egan

54 Jean baptiste Gramagnac

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